• Distribution

  • Social Media Distribution

    It has never been easier to distribute videos now that youtube is in full HD and even 4K and Facebook can broadcast any youtube link and now any live feed!  There hundreds of other social media video platforms that crave new content and some are monetized like youtube and better. If you are looking to create a buzz for your video this is the way!

  • Online Marketing Strategy

    We work closely with local Digital Media pros for everything to do with online marketing as it's their speciality and they have the experience to get results fast.

  • Distribution Guidelines

    Depending on where you intend to distribute your videos there will sometimes be rules and regulations on how to color, how to apply music, how to write your script and even how to format and upload it so its best to know these things before final edit or this will cause your video to be rejected.

  • Platform Recommendations

    We recommend all major platforms like local television, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter for all promotional teaser content and often main content depending on project monetization structure. TV Example: A 60 minute how-to DVD video sold via a 2 minute video teaser television spot.