• Post-Production

  • Editing

    Non linear editing for digital film and video is our specialty, we have edited over 10,000 hours of video for web, tv and dvd for projects all over the world that need to be broadcast safe or frame rate converted. With certifications from Los Angeles Film School, Avid , Adobe and Final Cut we have a diverse range of editing skills for almost any project from fast to slow, long or short. 

  • Music

    We love music and use it whenever we can. We have thousands of super high quality and modern stock tracks for any mood or theme. We can plan a story with only music as we match it to your project and if you want a fast paced promotional video cut to the beat like a music video NO PROBLEM. 

  • Motion Graphics & Animation

    Motion graphics and animation take a production to a whole new level. They add a sense of quality and style that is usually only seen in high end commercials or movies. We have heavy experience in 2D animation and flashy motion graphic intros, promos and lower thirds that will dazzle even the most critical eye. 3D Animation is a career all it's own and can take years to master for an already gifted artist so we use 3rd party local specialists for any 3D animation clips needed like exploded product parts and any cartoon work. 

  • Color Correction

    We do basic color correction and grading in house via Adobe and Davinci plus have 3rd party local specialists for top pro movie quality color. 

  • Sound Mix

    We do all basic sound mixing in house for dialogue, music and sound effects but also have 3rd party specialists here in Tampa Bay and also Los Angeles, CA for top pro mastering and sweetening.