• Pre-Production

  • Every project for any service has a beginning middle & end with the beginning often being the most important part. Just like a painter spends 80% of his time preparing by cleaning and sanding for the job, the same is true with video production. Solid pre-production ideas, concepts, budget, script, storyboard, talent and shooting location plans can take days or even weeks to prepare for a professional 4 to 8 hour shoot.

    The marketing channels and distribution paths should also be planned well in advance to allow for platform matching content style, format and resolution depending on if the content is graphics, photos, video, code or just plain text and advertising copy.

  • Brain Storming

    This is the ultimate idea stage and a lot of fun, where we meet with clients and talk about all the different ways to create what they want.

  • Conceptualizing

    This is where the best ideas are boiled down into a solid concept that has general structure and form matching the ultimate goals of project.

  • Budgeting

    Budgets can range from $500 to 50,000 very quickly if the money hose is not controlled from the beginning with a firm hand. We like to suggest to all of our clients to hold back contingency funds that can act as a bonus or overtime pay.  Example: Once a total budget is agreed on then 20% is taken off the top and held as a bonus if the job is completed on time. This way it acts like a tip or bonus but is really part of the original budget and also acts as contingency funds if the project goes a little overtime or needs some extra unforeseen items.

  • Scriptwriting

    From 1 and 2 word power titles and names to slogans, tag lines, description paragraphs, social media posts, radio spots, tv spots, commercials, infomercials, music videos, short films or feature films,... We got you covered with pro scripting and screenwriting for audio and visual content using industry standard format and software via Word, Celtx and Final Draft.

    Free A/V Script Sample Download

  • Storyboarding

    Story boards can be anything from cell phone pictures to elaborate artistic drawings in full color and help everyone visualize what the client has communicated to the producer or director. Shooting diagrams go hand in hand with storyboards and can really help with talent blocking and pre-planned important camera movements. The budget often determines the extent of storyboards and shooting diagrams.

  • Casting

    Casting talent for parts in a video or film should be based on objective matching qualities and group decisions after a video recorded interview or reading of the script. It is very easy to cast someone based on subjective likes and dislikes so using an experienced casting director or agency that is trained to be objective  and knows what to look for can really speed things up and expose incredible talent that might not have otherwise been noticed. 

  • Location Scouting

    Locations can be made to look entirely different on film by using lighting, focus and framing to control the scene BUT it's still really important to find locations that have quality scenery to work with and are safe for people and equipment. Location logistics like travel and setup time plus any shooting permits needed are often determining factors especially if it's a large shoot with a lot of equipment and crew. Growing up in the tampa Bay area we personally know public and private locations for rent and for free that look great on camera.